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Information on the program Direkt Profil

Direkt Profil version 2.2 is a prototype of a program for morphosyntactic analysis of French written by Swedes. The idea is that teachers and researchers shall be able to paste texts written by students of French or other learners and let the program analyse structures relevant to the grammatical development of French. Primarily the program is meant to support the research on developmental stages in written French by retrieving such structures from authentic texts. In the future the program can be used for contributing feedback to students and / or for evaluation of written texts according to linguistic levels. Interested teachers can already now try student's texts and see to what extent the program signals structures that are characteristic for lower or higher developmental levels.

The program Direkt Profil is currently under the development. In version 2.2 the following important limitations should be noted:

Direkt Profil - a part of a research project
Direkt Profil 2.2 is a part of research project in how Swedes write French. The project is cooperation between the Department of Romance languages, Lund university, and the Department of computer science, Lund Institute of Technology and is carried out with the financial support of the Swedish Research Council (2005-2008, grant number 2004-1674) and previously of the Erik Philip Sörensen's foundation (2003-) and by Magnus Bergvalls foundation (2003-2004). The program is to be used primarily for research purposes but can be used freely. More information on the program and the research project can be found in:

For research on the development of (spoken) French L2, see:

Questions and comments
Questions on Direkt Profil are much welcomed and can be addressed to:
Jonas Granfeldt (Project coordinator)

Link to the projects homepage at the Department of Romance languages in Lund

Technical facts
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